Louise talks to Personal Trainer Jodie about physical challenges and adventures

Tell us how you became a Personal Trainer

I was never particularly sporty growing up. After my children were born I struggled to find ways get back into shape, I tried all sorts of diets and fitness fads. I spent a whole year learning to enjoy running - but you can't outrun a bad diet!  I have a Human Biology degree, that and my time spent helping organise a running club and a local duathlon made me decide to make my hobby my job. I understand how lifestyle changes and balance are the key to success.

What has been your most challenging physical achievement?

Even though I have completed a few marathons, triathlons and even an Ultramarathon I would still say that first 5K run! People who have always run under estimate how hard it is both physically and mentally to go from "I can't run" to actually running continuously for 30 or 40 minutes. I cried after my first Race For Life, I also promised myself I'd keep running  - it got so much easier after that!

What your most useful bit of exercise kit?

That's easy... I take my suspension trainer everywhere, on holiday with me, on the boat, everywhere! It's the most versatile and useful piece of kit - and one of the oldest styles of training out there. You can hang it off the mast of a boat, a tree, on a door, and you can do pretty much every type of exercise you can think of with it.

Who would you like to go on an adventure with and what would you do...

I've got a very full bucket list of adventures I'd love to go on and so many amazing people I'd love to spend time with. High on the list would be ski sailing around the north coast of Norway, sailing round remote ski destinations where you feel like you're the first person on Earth to touch that snow! Can I take Chemmy Alcott and Amanda Lightfoot as ski guides and Alex Thomson to help sail the boat and cook tea?

Why is it important for us to challenge ourselves both physically and mentally?

Challenging ourselves is our basic mechanism for self-care. Those challenges don't need to be grand or public, but for us to thrive and grow as individuals we have to set ourselves challenges. Health is everything and a healthy body is a key to good mental health, so starting with our physical health we can influence and impact on our mental health in a positive way. Setting realistic and achievable challenges is a great motivator, it has such a positive impact on self-esteem and happiness.

As we age what sorts of exercise do you think we should be doing?

Without doubt we need to be strength training, as well as doing exercise we enjoy! Bone density naturally starts to decrease from our mid 30's, and strength training will maintain our bone density as well as build muscle strength so we can enjoy the sports we love with much less risk of injury. I'd recommend yoga, life is not getting any less busy as we get older and giving yourself time to enjoy practise where you can work on strength, flexibility and mindfulness is a big win.

Meat eater, vegetarian or vegan...

Living with a family of males, its meat eater. I personally love vegetarian dishes and think they have great health and environmental benefits but real life juggling means we eat meat within our balanced diet. I try to eat fish at least twice a week and limit red meat to twice a week (bulked out with beans and pulses to lower the meat content). I'm a big believer in a balanced diet, and meat provides us with key micronutrients like Iron, zinc, calcium, complete proteins etc...plus it tastes great.

Most satisfying part of the job...

Tax deductible active wear! Well, that is handy... but seeing my clients walk away from their sessions feeling strong, and often less stressed than when they arrived is the best part of the job.

You have been wearing our merino baselayers this winter. How have they performed?

I adore the Snow Finel range, I've always worn the mid layers but the baselayers have been a life saver for me this winter as I have had to worked outside in all weathers. The baselayer is a dream as its fine and stretchy, coupled with the way the colours have been designed it's really flattering! I can practise yoga in them without feeling constricted and they seem to adapt to the weather temperature so are my go-to clothes if I am unsure how cold its going to be.