Chemmy Alcott Brand Ambassador

Chemmy Alcott Brand Ambassador Snow Finel
We are so excited to announce our partnership with British skiing legend Chemmy Alcott.
Chemmy discovered our products last season and we are delighted she loved them so much that she wanted to become our brand ambassador. 
As a professional athlete Chemmy understands the need for functional clothing that can cope  with tough training conditions on the mountain. She loves Snow Finel because it’s made from merino wool; it regulates her body temperature perfectly enabling her to stay on the slopes all day. The styling and colours of the garments mean she can finish skiing and look fantastic for apres ski.
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“I always wear merino as my first skin contact layer. When I get hot it absorbs the moisture. When I am out in the cold it helps contain my body heat. So often I have had to sacrifice style for my love of merino  - that’s why I love Snow Finel – the feminine cut of the clothes, the bright colours and the funky neon zips. It is certainly a product made to be seen!”


“I have always had to sacrifice functional clothing over looking good as a woman. Rarely do you find a product that ticks both boxes. I think that if you look good you naturally perform better – whether that’s hosting a party, making a speech, presenting on TV or even ripping down the mountains.”



“I love that Snow Finel was founded by a fellow ski mad female who couldn’t find the product she needed on the market. Instead of settling for something below par Louise created her own brand! I have always had to look outside the box, take risks and set big dreams. I was a young London school girl who set her sights on being the fastest female skier in the world. I didn’t let injuries and funding deter me away from my goal. Yes, I never achieved it but I had the confidence to follow my dreams, just like Louise has.”