Designed by skiers. Tested in the Mountains. Worn by Professionals.

What’s special about

Snow Finel?

Each item in our collection contributes towards a layering system that keeps you warm and comfortable on the mountain, no matter what the weather conditions or activity level.

Snow Finel is designed and manufactured in the UK, supporting British Industry and workers. 

Every garment is made from fine merino wool, a natural (and sustainable) fibre that is brilliant at regulating body temperature. 

Our pieces are functional, with lots of technical design features, but they also look incredibly stylish.

You can build your Snow Finel wardrobe year after year, with colours that look great together.

Why buy

Snow Finel?

Because less is more…

Less waste - our seamless merino construction uses the exact amount of yarn needed to make each garment. This means nothing on the cutting room floor.

Less miles - all are garments are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Less washing - the natural antibacterial qualities of merino wool mean you wash less, which is convenient for you and better for the environment!

Less heat – we recommend a cold water wash for all our garments.

Less - in fact no - nasty plastic microfibres released into the environment, because all our garments are made from sustainable merino.

Less suitcase packing - we recommend one or two Baselayers for a week-long trip and a Midlayer… less space taken up in the case… less weight… less panic packing!

Less purchasing … Our quality knitwear lasts for years … we even send you yarn if you need to make any repairs. Year on year, you can add to your wardrobe with our signature colourways.

Less changing - our stylish designs mean you can wear them from the slopes through to après ski, and anytime at home.

Needless to say… ALL of this contributes to Keeping Skiing Cold!

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