I am so excited to announce our brand ambassadors for 2020!
Last year Chemmy joined the team at Snow Finel bringing all her energy and enthusiasm. Chemmy was the perfect fit for Snow Finel; a passionate sports woman, a skiing legend, a mother and a merino enthusiast!
Looking good in high performance clothing is vital to Chemmy across her range of work commitments and  training young athletes at CDC performance training camps. Having spent time with Chemmy on the slopes last year, I understand the demand for comfortable and adaptable clothing choices to ensure perfect temperature control all day.
Chemmy has also worked closely with me to produce our first collaboration, the Chemmy Ski Racer jumper for ladies. It's a striking mountain scape with a fab ski racer embroidery in our signature neon colours. Perfect for aspiring racers! 
I'm thrilled Chemmy is joined but the legend that is Graham Bell. Graham heard about Snow Finel from Chemmy and I am delighted to be working with them both here in the UK and out on the slopes during the ski season!
Graham brings his won inimitable style to wearing Snow Finel. I am so excited to be planning some time in the mountains with our team team and Graham in the future. Fingers crossed I get some ski tips for the Lauberhorn run in January, it's one my favourite pistes in Switzerland and graham has skied it many times. 
Graham has long been one of our ski heroes at Snow Finel, seeing him wearing our kit is absolutely thrilling. 
I am so proud that two of the UK's most successful skiers have chosen to become part of the Snow Finel team, its a wonderful endorsement of all the hard work I have put into this 100% Briitsh brand. 


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