Where is your favourite ski touring venue?
I am very happy skiing almost anywhere to be honest, especially on a powder day! Whistler always keeps me busy as it has both incredible in-bounds terrain, as well as good ski-touring straight off the top of the lifts (with the appropriate gear and guide of course). But I've been lucky enough to have had some amazing ski-touring adventures, including in Lofoten in northern Norway and Hokkaido in Japan.
What’s  your top recommendation for a lunch on the mountain?
Nothing beats a steaming bowl of ramen in a Japanese ski resort. Hot, nourishing and with bags of flavour, that would be my top pick every time.
Share with us a secret spot you recommend to your clients

Well if I told you, if wouldn't be a secret! One thing I would say is that on a powder day, most people tend to go straight to the top of a resort and ski the fresh stuff in the alpine. In my experience, it's much better to stay in the trees. The snow collects between the trees, you have much better visibility and, because everyone has gone up high, you'll find untouched snow for much longer in the day. 
What do you offer for guests who don’t ski or don’t want to ski all day?
Most of our resorts offer a whole range of non-ski options, but Norway is particularly good for this - pools for the kids, beautiful spas for adults, dog-sledding, snowmobile tours, northern lights watching, train trips, fjord tours and even learning about the country's wartime history in Gausta, our newest resort.

Where is  the most spectacular run you recommend to your clients

It's the one that makes you feel alive! Perhaps that is a run which, whatever your ability, challenges you just enough. But really it's the one where you are flying downhill in the fresh air and you get that amazing buzz of simply having fun in the mountains.

Ski Safari Holidays offer multi venue holidays, how do you ensure your clients don’t miss out on time on the mountain travelling?

Careful planning based on knowing the resorts and transportation options inside out.
What makes Ski Safari holidays special?
Ski holidays can sometimes be a bit formulaic, but we try to do things a bit differently. Different locations, and a bit of a different approach too. We want you to have the absolutely best skiing holiday experience possible based on your own particular requirements, and with our expertise we aim to make it so much more than 'just' a ski holiday.