Skiing in the Spring months is enjoyable and challenging, the variable temperatures and snow conditions can make choosing what to wear confusing. To ensure you get it right so you can enjoy your ski days you need to think about the right clothing and gear to span those fluctuations in temperature.

Choosing the correct baselayer is the first step, Snow Finel Baselayers are made from merino wool and knitted seamlessly so there are no seams to rub your skin. Merino is lightweight and moisture wicking so even if you get hot you won’t be uncomfortable. The merino drys quickly without cooling you down, no damp uncomfortable lunches, unlike cotton which retains moisture and can cause chafing.

If it’s very chilly in the morning it’s a good idea to layer up with a lightweight merino jumper. This offers great insulation without adding bulk under a ski jacket. Our stylish merino jumpers are easy to stow in a rucksack if it gets warm during the day and a perfect for any smart restaurant or après ski destination.

The jacket you will need should be waterproof - spring snow can get very wet but make it a lighter weight than in the depths of winter. A shell offers the flexibility of layering so you have total control of your temperature. Go for one with lots of pockets for ski essentials sometimes this means you don’t need to carry a rucksack making you freer to move and enjoy the piste.

Obvious accessories include a helmet with goggles or visor, make sure these are interchangeable for different lights, gloves or mittens, a snood to keep out draughts, Snow Finel has lots of options - colourful and stylish.

The slopes will probably get slushy later in the day so ask your ski shop to make sure you have skis to help you get the most from the day and swop them if conditions change in the week - it’s well worth the time spent doing this, getting the most from everyday of your holiday is essential.

Spring skiing can be a most enjoyable time, the warm temperatures and long days are perfect for early starts and long lunches and great après. Getting the correct skiwear can make a huge difference to the enjoyment of your holiday, choosing Snow Finel merino baselayers and jumpers will ensure you enjoy the slopes with confidence and style in your spring ski attire.

Happy Skiing!